some people are anti-gay...get over it
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i apologize for not capitalizing the word "god," but this is how i write. when i first started my website, i learned (the hard way) that a link pointed to ThisFile.html would not go to thisfile.html - so i type with lowercase letters. with that being said, now...

there is a website,, which may seem a personal attack on one group of people who were (in the misinformed words of lady gaga who must be a robot to think that minds are made up before any information passes through them) "born this way," but i believe that you can say "god hates fags" by simply saying "god hates pride" or "god hates lust" or "god hates spite" or "god hates" any of the seven deadly sins. from pride to sloth, the seven deadly sins are homosexual in nature.

my page regarding the seven deadly sins as being homosexual in nature
if i were god, i'd be insulted to know that one of MY masculine creations is seeking a perfect masculine creation
(insert nanny fine's nasal laugh)